Contributions in the field of Education

  • Each year at least 100 well groomed teachers come out of the B.Ed course from the college, which significantly contributed/s to the availability of well–trained teachers in the Education sector
  • The significant contribution of the college have been in providing teacher education to poor and students of rural areas in and around Alappuzha district
  • The college conducts-
    a. Awareness programmes on cleanliness, acts against domestic violence, child marriage, education of girl children, importance of breast feeding, HIV/AIDS, child abuse and general safety
    b. Career oriented empowerment programme like Workshops in various vocational skills especially for rural children
    c. Training programmes on Life Skills
    d. Street plays based on social issues,
    e. Awareness Rallies and road shows on different social issues
    f. Medical camps in the campus to facilitate local people
    g. Blood donation camps
    h. Remedial classes for children with special needs, slow learners etc.
    i. Yoga, health awareness classes etc.
    j. Opinion polls and surveys on social issues within and outside the campus
    k. Visits to hospitals, orphanages, old age homes etc.

  • Workshops were conducted for the prospective teachers to familiarize with research methodologies, use of digital technologies in education, parenting etc.
  • Recreational programmes were carried out
  • Lectures by eminent persons in different aspects of education were conducted
  • High speed internet facilities, well equipped library and laboratory facilities in science, arts and physical education which are made use of by the students
  • The students are encouraged to participate in inter-college competitions